We live in a world that challenges us on many levels. Many of us experience physical imbalances, some of them life threatening. Others have mental struggles, or emotional upsets. Still others have lost their connection to their innate divinity. The idea of a balanced body, mind and spirit has almost become a fantasy, or a memory of the way life used to be. Many people today walk around in an unnecessary state of crisis.

Reiki is a sacred, vibrational, healing practice that offers many gifts. When a Reiki practitioner places her hands on your body, you begin to relax and feel balance return. Regular Reiki practice can give you a direct experience of alignment in body, mind and spirit. It nourishes by harmonizing our total being with our divine birthright of homeostasis. As we rush from one commitment to another, we can forget what it is to be whole. Reiki is a way to tend to yourself, engaging a practice that is both simple and profound.

Reiki helps us heal from our imbalances, both minor and serious. It can soothe the throb of bee stings, hasten the knitting of broken bones, and ameliorate the negative effects of chemotherapy. Cancer patients receiving Reiki along with their infusions report less nausea, fatigue, and other difficult side effects. Reiki blends with and supports all medical interventions, and there are no contraindications for the use of Reiki. Progressive MDs consider Reiki a valid part of integrative medicine. Andrew Weil, MD supports the use of Reiki. Mehmet Oz, by including Reiki as a protocol during his cardiovascular surgeries, has enthusiastically endorsed Reiki for years.

Today my focus is more broad-based. I offer Reiki primarily to those who long to discover and return to their long neglected, spiritual core. When we learn to live from this deep foundation, we consciously participate in our life in a profound and satisfying way. I have treated and taught thousands of people from many walks of life, and it remains my joy to continue my practice from my two new locations in the Baltimore, Maryland area.