Stillness within one individual can affect society beyond measure.
~ Bede Griffiths

Reiki Treatment

Reiki relieves stress, restores the body’s vital energy, organizes the body’s systems, accelerates healing, and helps manage pain. Whether you are dealing with an intense health concern or simply wanting to maintain balance and optimal wellness, Reiki treatments can help support your goals for well-being.

Reiki is hands-on. The Reiki Touch is gentle, non-invasive, and safe. Reiki blends with and supports all medical treatments. I have worked with many people recovering from trauma. You are always in charge of where I place my hands.

During a Reiki treatment, you rest fully dressed on a comfortable treatment table in a safe, quiet environment. I begin by placing my hands gently on your head, then in various positions on your torso, then turn you over to continue placing hands down your back. Receiving Reiki in a chair is also an option.

While on the Reiki table, you will most likely feel a deepening sense of relaxation, and may even fall asleep. Your body is designed for wellness. As it is supported in relaxing, it begins to reorganize and heal itself.

While one treatment is useful, I encourage you to give yourself unconditional support with a series of sessions. Most imbalances occur over time. While you will most likely feel inner balance and renewed sense of self after just one treatment, your body can respond best if you give it several sessions to bring itself back into alignment. Every session is individual and unique. In each one your body/being is in control, which means you will receive exactly what you need.

I offer Reiki Clinics by appointment in two locations:
Sophia Center, Lineboro, MD
The Gatehouse, Mount Washington, Baltimore, MD

If you don’t live near either location, we can arrange a phone consultation with a distant Reiki session. With distant Reiki treatments, sometimes called absent Reiki, I offer you Reiki whatever your location or circumstances. You might rest comfortably in a quiet setting during a distant Reiki treatment; you might be in the middle of some challenging life event.

I have offered Distance Reiki on individuals receiving chemotherapy; in childbirth; sitting for exams; in traumatic emotional distress; going through the transition of death; and many other life events. I often practice distance Reiki on my far-flung children. It gives me and them the experience of sharing unconditional acceptance and loving support.

While nothing is as satisfying as hands-on Reiki, distant treatment provides a sweet experience of palpable connection with no constraints of time or space.

Contact me to arrange a consultation so we can determine the best treatment plan for you.