Reiki Classes & Retreats

First Degree Reiki
Second Degree Reiki
Being Reiki Retreat

First Degree Reiki Class
Location: Sophia Center, Lineboro, Maryland.
Dates: March 27-28, 2015
Time: Friday night 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Cost: $150
  • First Degree Reiki class is all we need for caring for self, family, friends, and animal companions.
  • The emphasis of Reiki I is on self first. Until we tend ourselves, we cannot be present for others.
  • Reiki is easy to learn and easy to practice.
  • It is gentle and powerful.
  • It is like a first aid kit in your hands.
  • Reiki can do no harm; there are no contraindications for Reiki.
  • Practicing Reiki, either on the go or in a quiet, contemplative space, brings you a direct experience of your spiritual reality.
  • The more you practice Reiki, the more you learn to trust your innate wisdom.
Four simple ceremonies or initiations (sometimes called attunements) balance and organize your body’s subtle energetic systems so as Takata said, “Hands-on, Reiki on; hands-off, Reiki off”.

In class you will learn to:
  • Give Reiki to yourself
  • Give Reiki to others
  • Give Reiki to animals and plants
You will leave class with homework to do Reiki on yourself. Self Reiki practice is a profound way to become informed about yourself and your world. It is powerful and complete and satisfying. All it takes is the commitment to place your Reiki hands on yourself every day. Since you can practice Reiki anywhere, anytime, this is an easy, manageable goal. You may review the First Degree class as often as you like, space permitting.

Second Degree Reiki Class
: Sophia Center, Lineboro, Maryland.
Dates: April 25-26, 2015
Cost: $300

Second Degree is for students who wish to cultivate a more profound relationship with Reiki. In the traditional system of Usui Shiki Ryoho that I practice, Second Degree requires a deeper commitment of time, intent, and resources. In this class you learn to practice Reiki at a distance.

If Reiki is becoming a focus in your life, Second Degree will intensify and broaden your practice. I teach Second Degree training to all students who have taken my First Degree class, and who have been practicing regular self-treatment for a few months. I teach other students by application.

Being Reiki Retreat
Prerequisite: Reiki II.
Location: Sophia Center, Lineboro, MD
Dates: May 22-24, 2015.
Cost: $315—$485, depending on accommodation.
Friday evening, 6:00 p.m. through Sunday afternoon, 4:00 p.m.
Contact me for more information.

We live in a dangerous world of our own making. It has always been so. Today’s challenges are different from those of the past, and they still require innovative approaches. Many of us have spiritual practices that help sustain us in today’s world. Yet, we can forget. Sometimes we reach automatically for the old patterns that no longer serve us, the old conditioned behaviors that keep us stuck in our core beliefs. We can fall into the shadows alongside our unacknowledged strengths. In other words, we are human.

The Being Reiki Retreat gives us time to investigate a sustainable practice we can incorporate seamlessly into our busy modern lives. This is a time to slow down, turn within, keep asking, keep listening, keep sinking into our heart. It helps us see the places where we are blind, and gives us practices that support our awareness. It helps us to identify the fears that have made us run away or shut down, and offers simple practices to rebuild our relationship with our inner self. In this radical, gentle retreat we can begin the lifelong journey back to ourselves.

The Being Reiki Retreat is a two-day residential workshop, a hands-on intensive of Reiki combined with practices I personally find beneficial
in my daily life. Whereas I teach First and Second Reiki classes as I was traditionally taught, Being Reiki is a non traditional workshop where we spend time exploring practices that blend with Reiki and sustain our spiritual life. This is a playful workshop of surrendering to the present moment. Some of the teaching I use comes from, among others: Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Leo Hartong, Pema Chodron, David Whyte.